Timeless Treasures


Timeless Treasures are anything that inspires the heart. Moments in life where love and adventure are alive and vibrant.

You can add classic style by incorporating unique and inspiring pieces to your home and life. Vintage pieces offer a touch of something different, once loved treasures full of a unique story. A piece of history to hold fresh flowers or add to your dinning room table. Something that not everyone has or can pick up at a nearby store. Something that speaks to your heart. You know if you like something within seconds of seeing it. You DO know what you like, it’s wether or not you listen to your instinct and intuition about it. Once you learn to listen, finding treasures to incorporate into your home becomes simple. Surrounding yourself with what you love will only bring more clarity and openness into your heart. Let go of what no loner serves you and make room for what inspires and uplifts you.

Making design decisions can be overwhelming, start with what you love and build around that. Always keep what inspires you and work towards letting go of things that hold you back, are hard to organize, or you just don’t have room for. This is a constant challenge for me personally and one that I am working on as we simplify as a family and pare down to bring balance back into our home and lives. Life can get crazy, busy and full of clutter without much effort at all. It takes real intention to continue to pull out “things” that are just no longer serving us. But it’s so worth the effort. Creating a space  you love and that inspires you can make such a difference in your life. So start small and remember it’s a process.


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