Summertime; a time of early morning light that glitters with life.

A time full of pool days, watermelon slices, and evenings watching fireworks.

A perfect time for homemade lemonade and afternoon tea parties in the garden.

These are just a few of our favorite things.

Being home with my little boy this summer is time “doing” just enough. Even if it may not feel like I am getting enough accomplished, I am doing exactly what matters most, creating memories.

Learning to surrender resistance to the glorification of being “busy” is a process. Little by little I am building a deeper understanding of this and able to put it into practice. It’s ok if all that I get done on my “to do” list is one thing but I make time to kneel down and hug my little boy, to play and spend time reading stories… to me this is a successful day.

I am so grateful for this season of my life and for being conscious that I have a choice to focus on what matters most.

Today is the perfect day for fresh homemade lemonade and moments of silliness.

Happy summer friends!

P.S. ~ This is one of my favorite pottery pieces I made awhile back.


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