My word for 2014 {Present}


My word for the New Year is Present.

(of a person) in a particular place.
2.  existing or occurring now.
3. the period of time now occurring.

{To Be Present} This is constantly on my heart. To be in the moment. To listen with my whole heart. To really stay present in the in-between moments. To put my list of “things to do” aside and focus on the people right in front of me. To listen when my son asks 20 times the same thing and to make it a point to just put my energy into the people in my life. To give myself that time and to slow down just a little more to soak up all the delicious living that is going on right now.

However, having chosen this word and only being in the first month of this fresh new start to 2014, I have soon realized that life is full of multi-tasking, or what seems to be multi-tasking moments. Trying to do two things at once seems to be what being a mom feels like ALL the time. But honestly I know that you cannot do two things at one time and really do them well. So my honest intention for this year is to really be present with the in-between moments, the little and most important tiny little moments that make like so beautiful and what truly matter the most. Time with my family, time with my friends, time alone and time taking care of all the little things in-between. But doing it all with an open heart and an open mind to be ALL there. To BE PRESENT.



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