Living a Life of Inspiration

Saturday mornings are my favorite time, a slow, restful morning with my little family. It feels like ages since I have blogged but I recently realized that what I love most about my little business is to share my photography. To share the inspiration that I live everyday. The little details and moments that take my breath away. The ones that can go unnoticed, that seem ordinary but actually are impactful, beautiful and hold deeper meaning in their simplicity.

Life is all about perspective, and what attitude you choose as you wake up each morning. What do you choose? What inspires you? How do you see the beauty in your everyday moments?

I am focused on keeping it simple, what is going well, what fills me up and inspires my heart. It’s the simple moments that I remember most. The little laughs and smiles, the time doing nothing but being still.

Today I am grateful and that is enough.







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