Grateful it is out of my control

Hi Friends,

So I have been working on so much goodness that I am just so super excited for all this year has in store.

Focusing on our home with the projects that keep me inspired. Details of our spring garden, clearing clutter and organizing my house and I’ll be honest what is truly going on… dunt, dunt duh… we just found out that we have “sink hole activity” going on in our home and are about to embark on one big, beautiful, major adventure at the Coules residence.

But it is ALL GOOD! It is truly out of my control and I am so very grateful for that fact.

I have decided to share in our journey as a reminder to myself what is truly important and what really matters. Everything happens for a reason, even if it just doesn’t make sense in the moment.

I am leaning on my faith to follow the path in front of me and trust.

Much love always,





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