~Five Minute Interior Design Tip~


The power of design is having the forethought to the function of your space and the placement of your things.

It’s very simple really and you can do it with your space right now.

How do you use your space?

Who do you share it with?

How would you like to feel inside your home, office or family room?



I will share a 5-minute tip to help you start putting intention into your space.

Clearing clutter and pulling out the things that are no longer serving you and the intention you have for your space is a KEY in creating a space that you love and inspires you.

Take a few minutes to choose a room to focus on.

Decide what the function of this space is and how you want to feel in this space.

For example, my bedroom is my tranquil, quite space. I want to feel refreshed and calm when I spend time in this space.

Once you have selected your room and determined your intention, then for the next 5 minutes pull out anything that is not contributing to this overall intention.

Items that are out of place and don’t belong in your room, or you may no longer need. Possibly items to donation or give away, things that are no longer serving you.

I like to grab a trash bag planned for all my donations and just add whatever I am ready and willing to let go of. Just 5 minutes, don’t over think this process. Just start small and only things you are confident you no longer need.

Once you are done, it’s time to CELEBRATE! Way to go! It takes courage to let things go and make room for what matters most. Creating a space you love requires letting go of what is no longer working for you. Congratulations! Be proud of this small step.


Always here to encourage and inspire you.

Sending love,


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