There are so many new and exciting things happening in the studio.

Change is SO good my friends! Whether its something small in your daily routine, (which is the most impactful type of change) or the BIG, crazy good kind of change that seems scary but worth the risk.

Somehow it takes a shift in your thinking, your choice to feed the doubts, fears and worries OR a conscious CHOICE to say, today I choose to think, react and engage differently with myself. I choose to believe in the best of myself and be forgiving to my HIGH expectations and believe that there is always a solution right ahead of this current situation.

Sometimes it takes just a tiny step , a little stillness to see that in the big picture, your life is actually full of beauty and grace. That through surrendering your fears, you free yourself to let greatness into your life.

I am at an EXCITING and BIG transition in the studio and can’t be more grateful and full of trust that all good things come in time.

Good change is on the horizon. If you doubt where you are right now on your path, just hold on a little longer and know that little by little, step by step things begin to make sense and change does happen.

SO excited to share more of my journey and what inspires my heart in the upcoming weeks.

Sending love,



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