Winter Vines


Simply beautiful


A single bloom

My rose garden brings me endless inspiration.

Even during the winter months, a single bloom brightens my entire day.



The morning light provides so much inspiration…





A morning in my garden…

A morning in my garden with the sun shining bright, just fills my heart with inspiration.
















































Morning light

A still moment in the morning light…


 Sending love,


Finding time for happiness…

Slowly starting to feel like myself again. Reminding myself that what matters today is to listen, as I am seriously learning to take care of myself. So very hard to do sometimes. 

Making memories of the time I have to heal and sitting inside with the Florida winter breeze blowing through my house. My white curtains dancing against the glass. Sitting alone for a moment or two allows me to remember what matters most, and many of the things I “think” matter just truly don’t. But today, another beautiful day helps me focus on the sunshine that shines so brightly in my life. Even if it’s appears as a huge thunderstorm at first, I am learning to see the sun after the rain has passed. Happiness is a choice!

Ferris_Wheel_Mary_Coules_2Sending love,


Days of Inspiration

I’ve decided to do a photo a day… what inspires me in my everyday life. A way to start small but encourage myself to be brave! To follow my creativity and my passions with a simple photograph. I think we all need to feel encouraged sometimes!

This month is dedicated to just sharing moments, feeling alive just as I am and reminding myself that every day matters.

A quiet morning with my favorite thing… coffee in a tea cup. Even more glorious is a few moments to enjoy my coffee over an inspirational magazine.



















Sending love,


The Beauty In Imperfection



















Though I have strived for most of my life to be absolutely perfect in every way I can, I am consciously learning to “redefine” what perfection truly looks like and to embrace imperfection wholeheartedly.

I consider myself a “recovering perfectionist“, as I believe there is more richness in life when you embrace the beauty in the imperfections. 

But both of those don’t resinate with me as much as… I am perfect just as I am.

What perfect truly looks like is the way life unfolds, instead of how I “think” life should unfold.

Through in the fullness of life, I have thought I needed more. But perfect is now, as it is.

What does perfect mean?



















To me, it means to just see the mess for what it is, life in full motion. When my house is a mess and I start to feel overwhelmed and completely out of control, as my son is making forts with sheets and pillows all over the entire living room with books and toys everywhere, I have learned to just embrace those moments. To love the beauty of the “mess”.

Creative play and freedom to make messes is what I encourage in our home. Even though it feels overwhelming in the moment sometimes, I still wouldn’t have it any other way. I like to live in the beauty of it all. When an art project doesn’t turn out as I think it should or could, I sit back and accept the beauty in the process of creating it.



















I want to teach my son these values.

  • That trying is what matters most, just the fact that he tried regardless of the outcome is a success.
  • That even with awards and acknowledgements, what matters most is that he is having fun along the way. That our days are full of joy and he is happy! Happiness is found in the simple moments. Keep life simple and enjoy what each day unfolds.

 Always sending love,



Being Grateful

Keep_It_Simple_Mary_Coules_2014I chatted with a dear friend this morning and it felt so good to connect with a mama who like me, juggles so much and strives for balance. There is something to be said about keeping it simple. When you are a designer, a creative at heart, you lean towards the tendency of doing it all. Striving for perfection. Or that may be a human trait, a personality, if you will but for me it feels so consistent in my life. Striving for balance in my life is a constant. Being a mom and striving for balance in life, family and motherhood is so consuming at times.

Through this time in my life I have decided to make a conscious effort to remind myself to just keep it simple. Focus on the things I am grateful for and just make space for the quiet. White space and room in the margins of my busy schedule.Doing things only because you want to, not because you feel obligated is the key to keeping a strong center on that balance. Being grateful and keeping it simple! My motto for this season of my life!

A little reminder that is bringing me light today.

Always sending love,