Believe in Yourself



Sometimes to start my morning off right I have a beautiful cup of hot Chai tea and some inspiration for my soul.

Little by little I am learning to take care of myself again.

Little by little I am reminding myself to be kind when I get overwhelmed and want to get more done.

Sometimes when I focus more on the little things, I can see the sunshine shining a bit brighter in my day. It seems to affect everything… my outlook and how kind I am to myself.

Simplifying my life and my home is my current inspiration. Trying to design around a fun & functional life, life with a toddler.

It has to work and make sense in every area of my home. I am pairing down and clearing out. Little by little, teaching my son to let go and give to others.

I am making steps, even if they are small, they are steps in the right direction.




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