Being Grateful

Keep_It_Simple_Mary_Coules_2014I chatted with a dear friend this morning and it felt so good to connect with a mama who like me, juggles so much and strives for balance. There is something to be said about keeping it simple. When you are a designer, a creative at heart, you lean towards the tendency of doing it all. Striving for perfection. Or that may be a human trait, a personality, if you will but for me it feels so consistent in my life. Striving for balance in my life is a constant. Being a mom and striving for balance in life, family and motherhood is so consuming at times.

Through this time in my life I have decided to make a conscious effort to remind myself to just keep it simple. Focus on the things I am grateful for and just make space for the quiet. White space and room in the margins of my busy schedule.Doing things only because you want to, not because you feel obligated is the key to keeping a strong center on that balance. Being grateful and keeping it simple! My motto for this season of my life!

A little reminder that is bringing me light today.

Always sending love,


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