Mary_Coules1Welcome friends!

Hi, I am Mary Coules, a wife, a mama, a Photographer and an Interior Designer. I am passionate about living life on purpose and always seeking beauty & inspiration in everyday moments. My blog is where I share what inspires me. The story of my life with it’s tiny moments and small beautiful details.

I have been a Photographer since I was a little girl. My father taught me film photography at a young age and ever since I have had a true love affair with the art of photography. I am constantly celebrating the little things in life and use photography to share my perspective as I write the story of my life. I am able to capture the beauty of everyday life through my work and find inspiration in the world around me. With my portrait & family photography, I focus on capturing your unique personalities. The little smiles and gorgeous moments between you and your family. My Fine Art Photography is a reflection of my perspective of the beauty in the world right around me. I live in the quaint seaside town of Dunedin, Florida and always have a camera in hand. Capturing moments through my big & small adventures in everyday life.

Much love always,